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Two Tree (Jud Lively and Lindsey Woodward) is a versatile illustration company. Our goal is to illustrate a wide variety of projects in many different styles for all kinds of businesses. We also take small commissions from individuals, and travel across the country drawing people live at conventions.

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

"gloomy portraits"

We're trying a new thing with live drawings at conventions... we used to do zombie drawings at horror and comic cons, but felt that we needed to find something more unique to us. Our original idea was to make the live drawings look like old black and white photos... serious poses, faded with dust and scratches... and call them |"Antique caricatures" or |"old-fashioned caricatures|" or something like that. We haven't quite perfected the old photo look though, so for now we're calling them gloomy portraits. Below is a self-portrait |Jud did for an example. Phoenix comic con was the first time we sold the gloomy portraits, and they did really well!

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  1. Saw you at the Phoenix Comic Con ! Great Work.