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Two Tree (Jud Lively and Lindsey Woodward) is a versatile illustration company. Our goal is to illustrate a wide variety of projects in many different styles for all kinds of businesses. We also take small commissions from individuals, and travel across the country drawing people live at conventions.

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Going to Son of Monsterpalooza!

Monsterpalooza was so epic that we couldn't resist its spawn:  Son of Monsterpalooza.  So we're heading over to Burbank, California today to set up and draw some horror fans!  The emphasis of Monsterpalooza and Son of Monsterpalooza is horror art, specifically special-effect make-up for horror movies... many booths at Monsterpalooza were mask-makers showing off their sculpture skills.  A lot of hyper-realistic horror sculputres.  We went home and immediately started sculpting.  We hope to be as inspired this time around!

Painting some Madmen characters!

Peggy from Madmen!

New game!

Cheap Shot!  This is the 3rd project we worked on for GutBustin' Games!  Cheap shot is a card game of insults.  You draw cards and must form them into grammatically correct insults.  It's hilarious.  We did the cover art for this game.  The bottom image is the artwork we sent over before the graphic design was added.  We are currently working on several more board game projects, stay tuned!


Here's a few recent digital sketches!

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Jud did a lot of abstracts in college.  We are having fun getting into them again (well, me for the first time).  Most of these are watercolor.. one is acrylic.  

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Gloomy baby

Here's a baby Jud and I collaborated on for our "Gloomy Portraits" display.

Window Paintings!

Jud and I had some fun doing a few holiday window paintings for businesses in Vegas this year. We tried to make them holiday themed and themed to their business. For an Ihop, we painted pancakes under a tree with bows on them. On the tree were forks and knives as ornaments. Here's two we did for Academy of Hair on Charleston.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Reservoir Dogs....

This is part of a project done for a T shirt company we met at a horror convention. The version they are going to put on T shirts has skulls instead of caricatured faces.

Cat Borg.

Star Trek Borg commission for a cat named Moose.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another Gloomy Portrait.

Just a random face drawn for our set up at conventions. Used a reference from the Facial Expressions book!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

"gloomy portraits"

We're trying a new thing with live drawings at conventions... we used to do zombie drawings at horror and comic cons, but felt that we needed to find something more unique to us. Our original idea was to make the live drawings look like old black and white photos... serious poses, faded with dust and scratches... and call them |"Antique caricatures" or |"old-fashioned caricatures|" or something like that. We haven't quite perfected the old photo look though, so for now we're calling them gloomy portraits. Below is a self-portrait |Jud did for an example. Phoenix comic con was the first time we sold the gloomy portraits, and they did really well!


A captain Jean-Luc Picard drawn for our star trek setup. We did Star Trek San Fransisco and Star Trek phoenix this year. We'll also be at the Vegas one in August!

Star Trek stuff!

We sometimes take commissions to draw people and their pets as star trek alien races. Below is a Borg kitty drawn for fun and below that a commission for two people as a Vulcan and Klingon, and their kitties as Borgs.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More work from Oh Gnome You Don't...

Box cover
Box back
All the work for this project was finally wrapped up a few weeks ago, and it will hit stores in January. We are now working on another board game by the same company. We also did all the graphic design for this game.

Liv Tyler

Caricature of Liv